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Andrew Shipman,
CCM, LEED AP,15 years
Building Up Our People

At AFG Group, we rely on the following as a framework to guide us toward a rewarding future with our clients and employees.


Our Vision

  • Provide expert solutions for our clients’ real property needs and challenges;

  • Support employee productivity and continuing education;

  • Increase value to our clients by providing full construction life cycle services;

  • Streamline project management to effectively implement operations; and

  • Promote sustainability and green facility practices.

Our Objective

Be known by our clients and industry for developing deep understanding of our clients’ distinct needs and challenges, and representing their interests so the name of AFG is synonymous with exceptional performance and integrity.


Our Philosophy

The success of the AFG is directly proportional to client satisfaction along with employee engagement and empowerment. We find value in continuous development of:

  • Integrity, Honesty, Teamwork and Open Communication

  • Employee Feedback, Support, and Satisfaction

  • Excellence Through Superior Performance

  • Promotion of Growth, Opportunity, and Prosperity

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