Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight | Project Director, Jeffrey “Jeff” Taylor, CQM recently celebrated his one-year anniversary of working for AFG supporting the Health, Science, Technology and Defense Division.

Jeff brings with him more than 30 years of project and construction management experience on federal facilities MEP design, installation and upgrades, and physical security for CONUS and OCONUS mission critical facilities. His client list includes NIH, USAF, USACE, NASA, NIST, and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Currently, Jeff is providing project management, estimation, and inspection services on a range of NIH projects including the $90M Quality Assurance Program, Building 13 Ground Floor Utility Replacements, Building 50 J. Lee Laboratory Renovation, Building 11 Water Intrusion Study, and the Building 49 Chilled Water Pressure Project.

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“Thank you [Jeff] so much for your input! That was the most sensible and pragmatic proposal I’ve heard so far. Looking forward to having your suggestions be implemented to help!”

Dr. Sue Cheng
National Institutes of Health, Lead Researcher,
Project: Building 49, Chilled Water Pressure Serving Electron Microscopes