Employee Spotlight

Pauline Fraser, MBA, Staff Accountant

Congratulations on 15 years with AFG! How did you come to work with us?

Ms. Amal Manassah, a previous VP at AFG, banked at a location where I worked and offered me a position at AFG because she admired my work ethic and attention to detail.

What has been your favorite project?

My favorite project was the 425 Whitman/Ingersoll Apartment Restoration project. This project exposed me to working on the job site, preparing RFI’s, reviewing change orders, learning OSHA rules and regulations, and the ability to understand the integral parts of the construction industry.

What has been the most challenging project that you successfully managed?

New York City Housing Authority (NYHA) awarded AFG with the Exterior Restoration & Roofing Replacement Bond-B Various contract which consisted of several locations throughout New York City. The projects were scheduled to start within weeks of each other and the pressure was immense to staff the projects. In addition, locating trailers, purchasing equipment’s and working with NYCHA to hire residents were the key to commencing on schedule.

Full filling these requirements allowed me to implement my organizational, leadership, motivational, training, and communication skills. Several issues plagued the projects such as theft of equipment, staffing problems, and AFG’s commitment to completing the projects on schedule. The stress of being an Office Manager increased due to daily changes, delays which were no fault of AFG but in the end, the contract was a success. As a result, of the aforementioned issues above, AFG built a long-term relationship with NYCHA and I learned how to deal with challenging projects.

Outside of your work, where can we find you?

Outside of work, I spend my quality time with my family playing card games, scrabble, traveling, or just reading. I can also be found at a meeting for DeVry’s University IMA Virtual Student Chapter or volunteering at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church where I serve on several committees.

Do you have any advice for those just starting out in AFG?

Choosing to work at AFG is a rewarding experience for individuals who are looking for an environment where everyone cares and is treated like family. The employees are dedicated, experienced individuals with an enormous amount of knowledge which they are always willing to share. The opportunities are available to grow whether in the construction field, human resources, marketing, and accounting or finance industry. The environment is versatile and if you’re a team player AFG will definitely get you to the next level in your career.

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