J.J. Pickle Federal Building
Renovations Project Informational Site

Project History

Phase I Exterior Renovations began construction in November 2016.  The goal was to seal a multitude of leaks throughout the building, especially at the roof and windows.  This phase replaced the roof and roof drains and provided safety improvements to the upper roof as well as a structure to support photovoltaic panels on the upper roof.  The project also thoroughly cleaned the entire exterior precast façade, windows, and granite pavers surrounding the building, abated PCB sealant at the windows, and replaced new window sealant.  Water infiltration at the stairwells was addressed, and plaster walls were repaired.

Phase II Interior Renovations began construction the following year.  The goal was to improve the comfort level of the building, upgrade fire alarm and sprinkler systems, and update public areas of the building.  This phase provided a new HVAC system and upgrades to the Building Automation Control System (BAS), new fire alarm system, upgraded restrooms, paint and carpet, infrastructure upgrades throughout the building, and a restoration of the 9th floor LBJ Presidential Suite.