Women In Construction | Pauline Fraser

Though women make up only 10% of our construction industry, you bring valuable skills and experiences that every company needs. This week we recognize the challenges and victories of the women in construction at AFG! We recognize and support you!

What accomplishments are you are most fond of?

Working in the construction industry was not what I expected because this field was always dominated by men. As the years went by, I came to realize that the industry offered diversity which women started to capitalize on and became an integral part of the workforce.

There are several fond accomplishments working in this industry. Two that come to mind are when AFG completes a project on time and within the allotted budget. It shows a sense of accomplishment for the team that we forecasted the budget accurately and avoided change orders.

What advice do you have for other women looking to excel in the AEC industry?

Women who are planning to excel in the AEC industry should realize that there are tremendous positions available to them other than working on the job site. The construction field can be a great career for women because positions are available in finance, accounting, administration, payroll, marketing, and management.

The construction industry has created a support network for women to learn daily from each other and make a difference with their skills. Women should continue to engage and register for courses that will improve their knowledge and skills while obtaining certifications. This will allow us to succeed and persevere in a male-dominant industry.

Describe a moment/event in your career that you were incredibly proud of?

Wow, since I have worked in the AEC industry for years, I will focus on a recent moment in my career that I am incredibly proud of. I obtained my master’s in July 2021 which was challenging; there were days after working I had no motivation left.

This event showed me that hard work and dedication was not only the key to enhancing my career in the construction industry but gave me the tools and knowledge to forecast and budget multiple projects. Working with various project managers allowed me to excel in my accounting position at AFG by making a positive impact in the Federal and private industry.