NPS Castle Clinton National Monument Restoration, Manhattan, NY

Federal & Defense Agencies

AFG was awarded the National Park Service contract to provide construction management and inspection services to the restoration of the Castle Clinton National Monument.

The Castle Clinton National Monument was constructed in 1811, placed 200 feet offshore of the Southern tip of Manhattan, NY as the Southwest Battery. While the structure was originally created to prevent a British invasion in 1812, the fortification has served many purposes over the past two centuries including an entertainment center, an immigration depot, the New York City Aquarium, and now a widely visited National Monument.

The historic structure has experienced many renovations since its original creation, though it retains its original exterior walls constructed of porous Newark sandstone. Since its construction, significant water intrusion in the stone has been detected; groundwater penetration has caused deterioration that combined with exposure to the elements and environmental pollutants have degraded the stone facing and caused instability.

AFG provided support services during the stabilization, conservation, repair, and restoration of the historic stone walls of Castle Clinton. This project included new capping of the wall, negative drainage corrections, stabilization, restoration, and conservation treatment of the historic and irreplaceable cultural structure. The restoration was accomplished through cleaning, replacement, pinning, and repointing throughout the historic fabric. Throughout the life of this project, all original historic fabric were retained and conserved.

Owner: National Park Service (NPS)

Construction Value: $5.1M

Completion Date: 2022

Services: Construction Management & Inspections

Team Members That Made It Possible

Barbara Oulds Titles: CCM, CQM, LEED GA