National Institutes of Health Program Support Services

Health & Science

Over the course of the past 10 years, AFG Group has continuously provided the National Institutes of Health a robust portfolio of full service Construction Management and Program Management assistance.

Significant projects include: Building 10 Linear Accelerator, Upgrade HVAC System in Building 41, 714H Design & Replacement of HVAC Systems in Building 14D, Installation of VFD and DDC System in Building 45, Building 12’s Electrical Power for Data Center Media Room, Building 12’s AC Unit Replacements, Building 12, 12A, & 12B Sprinkler Systems, and the replacement of Fuel Tank Detection equipment in Poolesville, MD.

Owner: National Institutes of Health

Size: 70 Acres

Construction Value: $200M/year

Completion Date: Ongoing

Services: Construction Management & Project Management