GSA U.S. Department of Treasury Modernizations and Alterations

Federal & Defense Agencies

In fall 2010, AFG Group, Inc. was awarded a $6 Million, 5-year IDIQ contract with the Department of Treasury to provide program management and construction management services, with related architectural and engineering support.

The first two programs assigned to AFG were the modernization and alterations of the Main U.S. Treasury Building and the phased renovation of the Treasury Annex Building. Both of these are designated National Historic Landmarks. In addition, because both of these facilities are directly adjacent to the White House, there were special security events and procedures that are implemented during the periods of renovation and construction.

AFG is providing design management, construction management, conceptual designs and cost estimates, scope of work preparation, specifications for building modification packages, construction surveillance and inspection, project scheduling, quality assurance, code compliance, and other professional services and project administration.

Owner: US General Services Administration (GSA), US Department of the Treasury (USDT)

Size: Various

Construction Value: $24.8M

Completion Date: June 2015

Services: Construction Management, Cost Estimating, Design Management, Inspections, Program Management, Quality Assurance, & Scheduling