GSA Kenneth B Keating Federal Building and Courthouse Security Projects

Courthouses & Criminal Justice

Federal & Defense Agencies

Within these two contracts, AFG will be providing CQM services for security upgrades within the Kenneth B. Keating Federal Building. The Keating building, located in Rochester, New York, is home to the Rochester offices of the Federal Court, members of Congress, and the Department of Homeland Security Citizenship Service Immigration and Naturalization Services. It is a six-story, 253K square foot building originally completed in 1972.

The initial project supports the installation of a new Physical Access Control System (PACS) which will include the replacement of new card readers, wiring, electrical conduit, door hardware, turnstiles, computer access system, system credentialing stations, and more, to facilitate the control of access to the building and various restricted locations within the Keating Federal Building.

The secondary project will construct additional fencing around the Annex building, rated to meet Interagency Security Requirements PCU-30. Fencing on this project is intended to delay intrusions and perform as a standoff perimeter barrier. Installation will include maintenance gates, security surveillance cameras for fencing and gates, and access control devices including keypads, card readers and other devices tied into the building security system.

Owner: General Services Administration

Construction Value: $500K

Completion Date: 2020

Services: Construction Quality Management