DCAS Midtown Courthouse CM Services

Courthouses & Criminal Justice

The Midtown Courts Building was constructed in 1894 and is listed as a Historic New York Landmark and required Architectural Alterations and Finishes work.

The Midtown Courts Project required extensive historic exterior granite and masonry restoration to the limestone, and a copper balcony, and tan-colored brick structure ornamented with terra-cotta details incorporating symbols of justice. Gutter, flashing and window restoration was also required. AFG Group served as the Prime CM under contract to the New York City Department of Design and Construction to provide full CM services for the renovation and expansion of the NYC Midtown Community Court building, located in midtown Manhattan.

AFG assisted and managed every aspect of this project; from the project planning, bridging A/E selection, design management, and construction management through construction, project closeout, and occupancy. In addition, AFG directly managed the 5 trade contractors (NY Wicks Law).

Owner: New York Department of Citywide Services

Size: 25,000 SF

Construction Value: $15M

Completion Date: 2018

Services: Construction Management