Brooklyn Business Center Office Renovations

State & Local Agencies

The project consisted of a complete interior renovation of the Brooklyn Business Center & City Register’s Office in the Brooklyn Municipal Building. AFG was responsible for overseeing the temporary relocation of 100 occupants; demolition and interior renovations of 2 floors, consisting of 24,000 SF; and then relocating the tenants back into the new spaces.

There were significant challenges that presented themselves during the duration of this contract, these included uncovered unforeseen conditions in subfloor during demolition, occupant requested changes to the finishing methods and materials, to include marble columns, bronze doors, mechanical and plumbing desires, and more. These changes increased the scope by 55% of the original, original Contract Completion period was 12 months, faced with delays getting contractor started because registration issues, delays because of the change in materials and scope, delays as a result of Hurricane Sandy, high profile and visibility; and coordination of many stakeholders, building tenants and continuous occupation of building during construction.

Through successful management and close interactions with DCAS stakeholders, AFG was able to ensure that: occupants received all of their requested changes, maintained coordination with all stakeholders and tenants, and despite the changes in scope and 4-6 months of delays, the construction was completed within the original 12-month period.

Owner: NYC Department of Citywide Administrative

Size: 44,000 SF

Construction Value: $8.8M

Services: Construction Management & Relocation Planning