Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium Great Hall Restoration

Federal & Defense Agencies

AFG is providing Construction Management as Advisor (CMa) services for the restoration of the historic Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium Great Hall. Mellon Auditorium, originally constructed in 1934, is a 750-seat neoclassical auditorium that joins the two wings of the William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building in Washington, DC. While the Mellon Auditorium is federally owned, the venue is publicly available for special events.

The William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building is a complex of historic buildings located at the Federal Triangle in Washington, DC. The building was designed in the Classical Revival style and has extended curved facades decorated with sculpture and bas-relief panels. The original construction of the first segment of the complex was completed in 1934 and held the United States Post Office Headquarters until the early 1970s. The Auditorium was previously modernized in 2003 to accommodate new technology and restore key historic interior spaces prior to the EPA Headquarters relocating to the Clinton Federal Building.

This project is scheduled to focus on the cleaning and restoration of interior finishes within the Mellon Auditorium. AFG’s team will be utilizing knowledge of historic preservation and classical architecture to support this effort.

AFG will be providing comprehensive CMa services through all phases of construction, with pre-construction and design beginning in February 2022. Throughout construction, the team will be providing construction cost estimating, scheduling, design review support, quality control construction inspections, and project administration support.

Owner: US General Services Administration (GSA)

Completion Date: 2024

Services: Construction Management