August 17, 2021

AFG/National Building Museum Team Receives GSA PBS 2021 PM Award

AFG’s Jason Kristiansen, CQM, & the National Building Museum project team awarded the 2021 Project Management Award – Small Projects Category.

The US GSA Public Buildings Service recognized the team’s dedication by awarding the 2021 Project Management Award in the Small Projects Category.

The historical landmark built in 1887, formerly known as the Pension Bureau Building, was used to service civil war pensioners and social functions. In 1980, an act of Congress created the National Building Museum; it became a venue for expos, events, leased office spaces and has been the location of two Presidential Inaugural Balls.

AFG performed all CM and inspection activities necessary for successful project completion, beginning work on the occupied building during the construction phase. Strict emphasis was placed on three priorities: 1) safety of the building occupants throughout the construction phase, 2) protection of the historical facets, and 3) structural integrity of the building.

There were three key technologies deployed on the project:

  • Seismic vibration monitoring” – Seismic sensors were positioned at four locations in the building to track vibrations and seismic activity that may affect the historic facility’s structure. Structural engineers conducted analysis to identify key locations within the building and monitors were alarmed if certain thresholds were crossed.
  • Industrial hygienists – During removal of the 130-year-old concreate floor, environmental hygienists monitored air quality for dust, toxins, and other unhealthy workplace conditions. Monitoring took place regularly during certain work activities and results were shared with building tenants so that they could be assured their workforce was safe.
  • Poor access for concrete pumping – Over 400 yards of concrete needed to be pumped into various locations on the first floor of the building – with only one opening of adequate size for pumping equipment. This is the first time they used a concrete pump truck to move concrete long distances indoors over a three-week period. The pumping and curing technology were successful to limit exposure to toxic airborne chemicals.

“Jason was extremely helpful and professional in the timely delivery of the site back to NBM. His oversight skills, attention to details, partnership in producing solutions and communications went a long way to project delivery on time and budget.  He is well valued by both Sean and I! ”

NBM Project Manager, Trish Gretsky-Williams

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