NIH Bayview Medical Campus

PM & CM services

Owner: National Institutes of Health

Square Footage: 875,000 SF

Construction Value: $250M

Completion: Ongoing

Market: Healthcare & Sciences

Services: Design, Program & Construction Management

AFG provided full-time design and construction management services, on-site at the Bayview Medical Campus. The campus contains the National Drug Abuse Institute and the National Institute on Aging, and occupies three primary facilities: the Gerontology Research Center; the TRIAD Technology Center; and the recently completed, $250 million BioMedical Research Center; totaling over 875,000 SF of laboratory and administrative spaces. Projects include:


Installation of Vivarium Exhaust Project: $650,000

Providing design and construction management.


Installation of Magnetom Trio 3.0 T MRI: $440,000

Installation of a new Siemens magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.


Gerontology Research Center 2000 Ton Cooling Tower Demolition: $160,000

Provides design phase management services for the demolition.


AUTOCLAVE Project: $1,365,041

Refurbishment and reinstallation of 3T AUTOCLAVE.


Monitor Control Center: $1,640,216

Replacement of switchgear and control panels with a new and modern system.

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