GSA CM Services for Granite Façade Repairs, Weaver Building

Owner: GSA

Construction Value: $10M

Completion: Anticipated 2019

Market: Federal & Defense Agencies

Services: Construction Quality Management Services

AFG Group, Inc. (AFG) is supporting the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) on the CM Services for Granite Façade Repairs for the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Project, located in Washington, DC. 


This 2.5-year effort will address the exterior of the Robert C. Weaver Building, a 10-story, curved, 4-wing, federal office building, that has an entirely concrete façade. The project will include removing and resetting panels that are shifted and/or unstable, replacing inadequate supports, repairing cracks, complete repointing, resealing and cleaning the façade. Potential need for façade stabilization is being evaluated.


As part of the project, AFG will provide construction management services, construction quality management requirements, project inspection services, construction cost estimating, industrial hygienist, post construction/project closeout, and contractual support.

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