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Today’s furniture has embedded technology, is available from a vast number of suppliers, and has almost unlimited options and styles of modular and systems furniture. In fact, furniture and equipment selection, procurement, and installation are now complex, multi-million dollar, multi-phased endeavors.


AFG allows clients to concentrate on their core business by providing dedicated designers and furniture specialists for project planning, procurement, and installation as well as managing the move-in.

Services Include:

Program Planning
  • Integrate furniture with master schedule

  • Prepare materials & installation budgets

  • On-site furniture showroom visits

  • Furniture samples and test use

  • Space configurations

  • Business Impact studies


Interior Design
  • Conceptual design and typicals

  • Schematic layouts and Color palettes

  • Ergonomics analysis

  • Environmental impacts

  • Full F, F & E coordination


Design & Procurement Phase Services
  • Design change schedule impact studies

  • Determine electrical and telecom needs

  • Review construction drawings

  • Manage pre-bid vendor activities

  • Vendor selection and pre-qualification


Project Management
  • Delivery and placement oversight

  • On-site administrative services

  • Progress reporting & report preparation

  • Accounting and cost control systems

  • Bills of Materials and Purchase Orders


Acceptance Services
  • On-site receipt and inspection

  • Warehousing and staging

  • Loading dock and delivery scheduling

  • Configuration validation

  • Track and negotiate changes


Post Installation Services
  • Furniture disposal

  • Placement validation survey

  • User satisfaction interviews

  • Employee Orientation

  • Reconfiguration adjustments

  • Vendor punch list and contract closeout

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